Do you want to know why people use phone monitoring software? If you are suspicious of someone in your life like employee, a girlfriend/boyfriend or children, you can know what is going on with them by using cell phone monitoring technology. 

When a phone spy app or software is installed onto the smartphone of the person you wish to monitor, it will hide itself first and then start recording certain activities of that device. As the app starts to collect data, it will send it to you via email. Therefore, you will always be updated about the activities of that person during the day. 

One of the key features of snapchat spy app is ability to read the text messages sent and received by the smartphone of the person you are monitoring. This means that if your child is sexting or is sending sexy correspondences, you will know through the phone tracker. 

An android phone tracker app will give you conclusive evidence about the person you are watching. There will be nothing to be debated and nobody can say that the app is biased against them. Basically, what you see is what it is. When you are using the app, you will be at rest instead of having to hear things your loved one has done from third parties. This is what makes it the best technology when it comes to spying on a suspect, child or employee today. It has the just the right combination of features to get the job done and at an affordable price.

Features of Phone Tracking Apps

There are many features that various phone tracking apps have. Here are the most common features.  

o             Call Logging: This feature allows you to see all incoming and outgoing calls to and from the smartphone you are monitoring. 

o             Text message monitoring: This allows you to spy on all SMS or text messages sent or received by the device. The apps allow you to see the content, the direction of the message, time and date. 

o             Cell phone GPS tracking: If the mobile has a functioning GPS, you can capture its location periodically and determine the exact location of the person. The app provides a link to a map for you to visually see its location. 

o             Email spying: You can capture all of the details of any email sent or received by the primary account on the smartphone being monitored. Learn more about spyware at http://www.ehow.com/how_5136714_trace-mobile-phones.html. 


The above are the major features of phone tracking applications.